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My Pet!
The idea of a pet has always been an animate object that has life. It has been motioned to be something you could relate with, but all my life I had longed for that wonderful pet I never had! I had wanted a horse which till today is still a dream, then I wanted a dog, still I didn’t get it.

A pet they say, when treated well, often becomes the most loyal of friends. Even the yorubas had coined a proverb relating to some bird pet (eyele which is pigeon), they say “Eyele oni ba onile je, koni ba onile mu, ko dojo iku ko yeri” which translates to mean: the pigeon wouldn’t stay with you in the good times and then run when it’s bad.

I gave up when when all that appealed to me seemed to be beyond my grasp, little did I know that all I wanted was right beside me. This came to life when I realized that my pen had been more of a friend to me than I was to myself. It had stayed with me, consoled, built me, planned with me, and has comforted me too many times.

What does it matter if it isn’t animate? Still I can tell it’s alive!
What does it matter if it can’t talk? Since we communicate in our special way. Wasn’t the goal of talking supposed to be communication?
How about loyalty? My pen has always been a loyal confidant, it even shares things with me too. There are occasions when my pen doesn’t feel well, sometimes it stutters, and some other times we get angry with each other and I would be disloyal and throw it away. It would still listen even after I picked it back, we have always overcome all difficult times.

Today I understand that I don’t have to climb the highest mountain because all I’m looking for is basically around me. I encourage you to open your eyes and ease your mind, that you may find your PET.
My name is Ajewole Femi and I am the Quester.

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