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Dear fellow Nigerian,
To start with, I admire your zeal, your relentless efforts; i respect your courage these past few weeks. You went out of your convenience to lend your voice by going all out there to speak what we want, your effort in contributing to the less privileged, and exhibiting peaceful co-existence. Never as such have I seen in history, even when it was ultimately bizarre how the resources we generated, engineered, and shared, were taken away from us in the escape of a bullet. It is also surprising how our dialogue for peace became a tool for war, likewise our peaceful assembly becoming desolate. Calls for the retreat of our brothers and sisters were too late as a number of them were, already, pinned to death while others were high on their heels for survival, sustaining injuries.

First things first, it is with due appreciation to God that you are safe and sound reading this. The pain of our lost heroes will always be felt. They are forever on our minds and in our hearts. Hey! Stand up and get something for yourself to eat, starving would not help. Stop crying yourself down, it is enough, please. Drink a glass of water, do the breathing exercise repeatedly, and calm yourself. Perhaps you lost a loved one in this course, i feel your pain greater than you imagine because i have been in your shoes. Accept my condolences. I am not willing to lose you again, so do the necessary, please. The sun will shine again on you because God’s got you covered.

When things like this happen, we carry the mentality that we are at war, NO! If we think so we will feel more like losers and will only act based on our angry emotions. Calm down, it is not over until it is over. One way to act in the spirit of a winner and not a loser is to stand up tall amidst all this chaos, use your past experiences as a drive for encouragement rather than fuel yourself with depression. Note we all made it to this level, so therefore we are not losers because we are not giving up on our bright future. Remember to Stay Safe, Simple, and Live Smart, WE ARE VICTORIOUS.

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