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Now (Impatience)

The psychology of life makes it evident that there are some who seem to seek what their lives are or who they are. This is a very noteworthy thing to do till it becomes a burden—why? They want it all NOW!

The saddest life to live is the one of having it all Now. Our experiences and backgrounds are one of the sources of the Now mentality and don’t think it lies in the rich man’s upbringing (what do you want? …I’ll get it for you now), it also lies in the poor man’s upbringing, (if only we could get it now, we wouldn’t be like this)

Impatience, a perfect description of the “Now” statement isn’t found in the rich man’s heart alone, it also lies in the poor man’s heart.

A lot of us will not have those realities now even when our dreams are beyond breadth and length. This is because, the adventures to achieving them are graciously given. Some people are paid greatly today just because they are willing to share their stories and develop the subject “Patience and Resilience” from it. I’m sure their adventure wasn’t worth skipping but worth every moment.

As you move ahead in life, the Now pressure becomes heavier with more achievements in view, yet you must maintain a positive attitude. This is the key through patience.

Patience is an attitude, waiting in disgust is not patience. While you experience your Now moments always speak positively. You can see your dreams through your lens alone for now, positively speak them to reality and be patient. Patience creates path you never knew existed. It silences your mind and gives you the space to think amidst turmoil. Don’t be carried away by NOW.

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