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Lagos traffic is a deliberate public affair, even radio shows are dedicated to it. My experience today, was however one to remember. I was sitting packed up like everybody when one old woman with a tinge of warri accent started shouting inside the bus:
“The heat is too much inside this bus o. I am tired of all this stress, see how they just packed we, passengers, like goats inside this bus. Nawa o see how people’s armpits are just smelling here”.

I, on the other hand, was sitting beside the window feeling a serious headache thinking about how I would do the assignment that my lecturer, Mr. Idris, gave us in class. The annoying thing was I didn’t even have data to browse and when I asked sister Nkechi, my neighbor, to borrow me her phone to do the assignment, she was wont to fake a phone call with one invincible boyfriend of hers and it would have been useless to buy airtime #100 to get data when I was already owing #200, these telcos can never give, you are always owing them and the last money on me was my transport fare.

Still in the state of confusion, as we were around Ndubuisi Kanu Park, located at Alausa, Ikeja, I just heard a beep from my phone, I checked and saw ‘connect to free public Wi-Fi’. Without thinking, I connected to this strong signal Wi-Fi and started browsing and screenshotting my assignment. Still, in this terrible traffic, I even had the chance to reply messages from friends as well as that one from babe… I almost passed my bus stop as I was engrossed in the chat. Thank God I had finished screenshotting my assignments. It was a relief to know that I would just go home to warm that delicious Jollof rice and use the chilled Coke in my fridge to flush down the food into my stomach, by then I would have the strength to write up a 10 page answer for my lecturer who definitely likes notes as answers to an assignment…

No matter the terrible traffic situation you find yourself, discover how you can seize opportunities and maximize them.
Remember to stay simple and live smart.

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