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Good day, I hope this new edition of Health Insights with Adesola Brand #HIWAB meets you in peace. For some people who are not familiar with oral sex, it involves using the mouth and tongue to stimulate ones partner’s genitals, for sexual pleasure. There are different names or slang used to describe oral sex which includes; Head, going down, blow job, Plate e.t.c.

Oral sex can be a good way to discover new pleasures with your partner, it can be performed as foreplay before the main sex or as a physically intimate act. It can be performed on male (Fellatio), females (Cunnilingus), or anally on either sex (Anilingus). Generally, oral sex is usually considered immoral. It can also be performed simultaneously (69) or in a group (blowbang).

Oral sex may lower or increase chances of contacting sexually transmitted infections and diseases. It is important to know your partner to reduce risks of contacting Syphilis, Gonorrhea and other STI’s. Oral sex lowers the chances of contracting HIV. If your partner has sores on their genitals or in their mouth, or bleeding gums, you should avoid having oral sex because the signs could be of an infection. Sometimes, bacterial and viral infections e.g Hepatitis B, can be transmitted via oral sex.

Oral sex can reduce pregnancy chances. During fellatio, if the man should cum into the woman’s mouth, sperm released will be broken down in her stomach and small intestine because there is no connection between the gastro-intestinal system and the reproductive system. Oral sex can also be used as a method for preserving virginity. Fellatio may reduce risks of miscarriages because exposure to semen establishes maternal immunological tolerance necessary for safe and successful pregnancy.

Protections are very important in reducing the prevalence of STIs and STDs. Oral sex is not a very effective method of preventing STI or STDs so when performing oral sex, it is also important to use protections like condoms and dental dam. You should also talk to your partner about it, a bath may be necessary particularly for anal sex to reduce chances to contacting E.coli and other bacterial and viral infections. Do not have oral sex if either of you have bleeding gums, sores in the mouth or genital area because these could be signs of infections thereby increasing chances of contacting an STI.

The decision to start having oral sex is important and you should know that you are at higher risk of contacting throat cancer than someone who haven’t had oral sex before. When the decision to have oral sex is made, it is important to know your partner and communicate with each other well because you need to be at ease with each other in order to get full excitement.

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