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One of the most acquainted sayings would be, “charity begins at home”, charity, at such a time this became popular to me, meant character, values etc. If it was moulded from home, it stuck with you- that was what it meant.

Every man has a value system, engraved through parents, places or a particular lifestyle chosen by him. When these values are good, it becomes important to prioritise them. Good values are meant to control our decisions and the kind of people we associate with.

To prioritise your values in a world like ours might seem very difficult and so you have to make up your mind about your values and how far you want them to carry you. Our values are vehicles that protect us in the long run of achieving our goals. Your values would be challenged by your closest friends, by family and sometimes by those you respect the most. So, it’s important to know why those values were formulated in you or by you.

You cannot prioritise something you don’t totally believe in or trust. A consciousness of your values keeps you from a “closed situation”(a situation that keeps you tied down even though you were oblivious of its tenacity from the beginning), why? Life’s not going to tell you the future outcomes, you decide it today by how you live and hold your values securely.

A lot of mistakes would be easily avoided if we pay more attention to what makes us who we are- our value system. You are respected for the values you uphold, it is a shield. Activate it soon enough wherever you find yourself.

Years back, it was a norm for teenagers to burst into the open once given the chance, you cannot blame them, most didn’t really understand the lockdown they faced while being away from the big world. They didn’t understand the values being instilled in them. People talked values but no one communicated values. This doesn’t mean all values are going to last for a lifetime, change surely comes but there are some real values that are meant to last like honor, respect, love, honesty, contentment- communicating these values and prioritising them doesn’t just bring personal growth but societal growth.

Let our true values shield us, it should direct us, it should remind us of where we’ve been, where we are going to and most importantly, who we are.

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