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Will you permit me to bask in this rays of hope

Of a day when we’ll both build a home,

Will you let us cast our lovely thoughts

And create a castle out of child-like dreams,

Can this fantasy turn to reality

I mean my day-dreams and lovely whim.

I have no strength to build us a house of gold

Neither have I the means to gift you a precious pearls,

But I promise you unending love

When the tide rise an unwavering care.

I know we’ll have our days of tears

But I promise I’ll be the first to beg,

Will you be the queen in my palace of clay,

And in your arms I resort after an hectic day

Let your lips be the fire that heat me up

And your words be the chords that gears me up,

When there is no naira notes and silver coin

Let your womb carry the seeds bound in my loins.

You will be the matriach of a holy nation,

And I the patriach of a godly generation.



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