In a world like ours, anxiety isn’t farfetched, pressure and then, impatience is the order of the day. We may not have the courage to scream at those who frustrate us for results but we are sometimes overly worried, choked with the pains of life. Times like this lead us to an imaginary world where we shout back, fight back and succeed just when they want to laugh again.


Yet, a compromise isn’t the answer. Acting under Impatience or anxiety can lead to a lot of problems which one may not have bargained for. And well,  just because you compromised the first time and got out clean doesn’t mean it’s going to work out for you again, it doesn’t mean it’s right and it also doesn’t mean you are so overshadowed by God’s blessings that he is happy with your compromise. Don’t run too fast, life is a process.  Allow your dreams learn to crawl before it learns to fly.


Impatience is quite a subtle friend, it encourages other options when you honor it. And oh, when you are impatient, your friend calls to tell you of the latest scam opportunity; impatience brings with itself temptation. Sometimes a few seconds wouldn’t hurt if only you are willing to wait and not just wait but wait patiently (Have a calm and hopeful attitude towards life).


Down the line, if we go over some of the actions we have taken, we accumulate regrets over them. Because we sometimes felt like a failure and we felt it was time to act fast or we couldn’t take the words from people again or we felt retarded or stagnant and so we made a rash decision because we couldn’t wait a little longer. It maybe regretful but impatience would lead you down the same line once again- be calm.


Patience tasks the human mind, emotional physique and even the physical body. You are in pain yet you just smile because you know tomorrow is going to be better. You walk into so many doors but you get the same answer you hate, and the one with the worst response, you never forget the colours of the office walls, yet you are pressing forward. Well, good news!  That’s not a retarded or stagnant mind, that’s a working mind. Patience comes with the benefit of selfcontrol and growth intellectually. Don’t be sorry about being patient.


Running faster than one’s  shoes has pushed a lot of people to wrong relationships, premarital sex, wrong peer groups, wrong jobs, wrong actions. Take life easy. Fact is: With consistency and hard work it would eventually pay off.

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