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Seat Belts!

Have you ever imagined attending your own funeral?

Worst still, watching your life get crushed behind you?

8:15 am on a lovely Monday morning, we embarked on a journey to Owena, Osun state. The ride was smooth, as I was sitted at the front. Strapped in this cozy seat belt. I actually love using seat belts, it makes me feel responsible. You should know that feeling too.

We filled the fuel tank to a reasonable level, offloaded some refuse along the way and continued the journey.

On the flip side, I was falling in love with automatic vehicles, because of the ease of locomotion.

Half way into the journey, the automatic vehicle I was in love with suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. For reasons best known to it.

At the snap of a finger, a Marcopolo bus was closing in, with top speed. He had tried to kiss the brake with his foot to avoid a collision. All to no avail.

I looked behind, to see the onslaught that was to happen. My mind went blank. I was chewing my heart already. I was still strapped with the seat belt, meaning, there was no where to run.

God, the giver and taker of life, decided to give me another chance of life. The Marcopolo driver swerved to the other side of the road, and prevented the intended ghastly accident.

Still stuck in the middle of the road, my voice box rang appreciation to God. I got another chance that wasn’t deserved.

It can only be God.

Over and over, God is God all the time.

Always be grateful for everything in life

By Kehinde Adeyemi

2 thoughts on “SEAT BELTS

  1. Wow… This is such an easy read and the story is gripping. It’s so realistic, I mean a “Thank you God for the gift of life ” bubbled out of me after heaving a sigh.
    Well done, Kenny. ☺

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