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I’m only human
Bound to do wrongs
I’m flawed
I make mistakes
A simple human, caught up in the web of complexity
Trying to untangle myself
But that’s impossible
For only the dead is free of this world’s drama
I try to make the most of my time here
Everyone throwing their blames around
Look in the mirror and you’ll see who’s responsible

You ask for my opinion
But do you really want to hear what i have to say?
You expect me to lie
To tell you what you believe
Your truth
What about mine?
You’re only looking for someone to blame for your mistakes

I’m simply human
I feel pain, heartbreak, i bleed
You and I aren’t the same
I have accepted my fate
But you still choose to dwell in the deception you’ve created

A simple human
Living my day as it comes
My troubles are limited to my control
I refuse to continue the facade created by man
Beautiful on the outside yet terrified when i stare deep in my eyes
I am weak and strong
I love, yet broken
I am poor but rich
I am all of this and more
I’m simply human and I make mistakes

Written by Lydia Amuwoko

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