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You need not the charms of Abija wara bi ekun

Nor the Ifa consultation of the Elebuibons

You need not the prophesies of Temitope omo Joshua

To ascertain the originality of the love I profess to you.


I see in you what other beauties lacks

I see in you the strength of Efunsetan Aniwura

The Efunroye Tinubu and the Moremi Ajasoro

I see in you the manly vibes and spirited entrepreneurial wits.


You’re the mender of my bulleted heart

gunned down by those beauties without intellect

You’re the comforter in moment of distress

When I thought the dead love in me may never be resurrected.


I salute your mastery of local delicacies

That shames the foreign dishes of the self acclaimed beauty queens

I admire your comforting gospels

That trends in me for longer hours.


I cherishes the bullying of my ‘power bank’

With the perfect touch second to none

I admire the weird moves late in the night

-The legendary provision of the milk tank.


Your tribal marks speaks to me the uniqueness of our clan

As your white teeth yield rosy affection

Your tattooed hands are saintly flavoured with roses

All in you sprout up the fondness for you sisi mi.


By Peter Omoniyi Gidado

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