Sister Nkiru

The feeling of being in a new apartment was gleaming all over me, my demeanor could have been likened to a goat that had just found an endless supply of grass. Putting a silly beaded vase and replacing it with an ornamental ball, I acted like I was under pressure to make the place perfect. I swept again for the seventh time in twenty minutes, rearranged the sheets, moving books in my wardrobe, dusting whatever I saw with a surface. Each time I stood back to inspect my work, I found something that had to be changed but this time I was convinced that I was done. I went into the bathroom feeling refreshed as the water from the shower replaced the balls of sweat on my hairy body.

Coming out of the shower, I picked up the pretty night dress I had chosen for this special night. It was silk with a stripped mixture of turquoise and cream. Carefully laying myself on the bed to savor the wonderful absorbance of a freshly made bed, I finally was resting. I picked the second part of Nora Roberts Trilogy; Rising Tides ready to dig in when I heard an amplified ‘amen’ from a feet away. I paused, unsure of what I had heard, moved to the direction of the sound and opened the window. The orange sun in the sky gave off dim light, the aura seemed mystic and the wind calculated. A set of horrendous drums that lacked rhythm began to echo together with a poorly tuned guitar and a gothic sounding piano. A voice that seemed like it belonged to a nagging old lady began to sing to the terrible stew of musical instruments. My stomach roiled in irritation, the singing seemed toxic. It was as if demons after my life had gotten together to do damage to my peaceful night and the rest of my life. I hadn’t foreseen this to come at all.

Written by Ordiah Sarah

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