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Waking up to a new day
With smiles on my face,
Rising from my bed of light
Full of life,
Washing away my pains
And sorrows with the soap of gladness,
Showering my body with the drops
Of his blessings,
Cleansing every form of anxiety
Off my skin
That may have refused
To wash away.
Rubbing the oil of calmness
From the crown of my head
To the sole of my feet
That will control my temper
And not label me as a fool
In a difficult situation

Dressed in the finest outfit
Of no Worries,
His love is my covering,
Buckled my shoes in assurance
That I wouldn’t stumble
even if the Earth rumbles,
Sprayed myself with perfumes
Of sweet fragrance that protects me
From unpleasant smells
in the form of Negativity,
As that necklace of hope glossed
Around my neck.

I set out of the house looking like
A dove, with the lion’s heart,
Wearing the Eagles eyes,
Having the strength of an elephant,
And feeling unstoppable
Like the Honey badger,
Even on this road of regrets
With people in despair,
I am the trailblazer,
The pathfinder,
The solution provider,
The only surviving inspiration that is
Sent to the world to heal her
From her Disorders.

With maximum fulfillment in my heart
I enter my home of security
Beyond man’s armed forces,
Feeling no pains,
No panic attacks, because he has
Put an end to every war in my life
And has given me this
Song of Peace.

Remember to Stay Safe, Simple and Live Smart.

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