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Staying Unique

Staying and being unique often seems easy though it’s harder than we say. Let me share a little secret with you. For years now, I convince myself that I’m unique in how I talk, dress or act till I see someone I admire very much give someone else and appraisal and me? obviously nothing, why? Because I sometimes don’t give a hoot.

These moments play a huge role on me. They question my motives, dressing and morals. It’s never a good time for me.

To be unique isn’t by anyone’s definition but your definition, your sense of worth and originality in appreciating your own skin. It’s not an agenda to give you a moral or esteem boost but it is a reasoned fact that you can do what most people can’t. That in itself is a form of uniqueness in your circle.

Once you lose faith in your own skin, jealousy and envy becomes almost inevitable like in my case, I’m still a bit amazed in myself when I think about it. The judgments of the important people in my life gave a shift to my sense of value as it does to a lot of people reading this at the moment.

With this, I would love to add that your uniqueness is what it is, yours, you cannot cajole anyone to see it. Life is a fair taskmaster, if you prove yourself worthy and true, then you are worthy.

We spend so much time proving we are unique only to end up matching up to the image others prefer to have of us. The key to being unique is definitely being yourself. Nobody can push you to be what you don’t want except you are head over heels trying to prove them right or wrong.

Being unique as stated earlier is hard work. You can be unique in your dressing, work life, speech, writing and much more anything in the world that has no morality attached. The approach to life is to create values that make you better than who you were yesterday and give you your own self boost when you walk and talk.

Before I leave you, make a list about what makes you unique and then inquire, line after line why you put so much energy in living up to those standards. If it’s because of someone else, you are truthfully just matching up to someone’s picture of you not the original you.

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