His Rule Publication

Terms and Conditions for HRP Book Project


1. The cost of design and editing would be covered and done by His Rule Publication.

2. His Rule Publication will provide you with the guidelines needed to develop the chapters.

3. As the author, you will be acknowledged as the writer of the book.

4. His Rule Publication reserves the right to the publishing of the book.

5. His Rule Publication reserves sole right to advertisement and marketing of the book on all its platforms.

6. The author is given a 25% commission on all books until after the 100th copy is sold whereby the book becomes the sole property of the author and the percentage becomes 75% to the author as long as the e-book or hard copy book is sold on His Rule Publication’s platform.

7. The author can monitor the sales and can request for the draft of payment at anytime he/she wishes.

8. For hard copy publishing, His Rule Publication is also given the right to be the only publisher to publish the book except discussed.

9. A registration fee of ₦ 7,000 is required to become a regular member under His Rule Publication for a year and it’s not refundable.

10. To become a gold member the registration fee is ₦ 10,000 per year with a percentage increase of 10% before the 100th sale and 10% after the 100th sale and it’s not refundable.

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