His Rule Publication


Author: Mel Robbins
Title: The 5 Second Rule
Genre: Self help
ISBN: 9781682612385
Pages: 240

We all have habits and fears: do you have a challenge breaking off from some particular habit? This book is your best bet.

The author takes us down Memory Lane on how we all go through the same problem of procrastination, living in fear and blaming others for the habits we have formed from constant practice.

The rule is simple as counting backwards from 5 to 0 to cause you to push, come back to the moment, shut down excuses, and remember your goals, however the author explains how the rule can be applied to change behaviors, your mind and everything around you.

Each of the chapters are characterised with stories/instances to explain the process of using the rule. Following through on the book, you feel like you are in a one-on-one session with Mel Robbins. The stories and instances are of real people including the author.

The rule involves that we move swiftly and commit to action within 5 seconds or the brain can outsmart us. The author also explains how the brain functions towards helping us achieve our goals and also back-firing us to settle for habits. The book gives us a perspective on how to use the tool practically to handle these instances.

It is recommended for business people, students and generally people who want to work on their habits and stop procrastinating.

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