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I picked up the remote control for my Tv and wanted to change the station when the words of an orator caught me. He said,’Many believe dreams are dead, I’ve stopped dreaming because nothing has happened’, as I was about to relate to those words, the power went out. I said to myself, ‘the dead dream of 24hours power supply’.

I took a walk down the road to get a few items for my catering business, sugar being one of my major ingredients. Baba caterer, as we normally call him, told me clearly that he has ruled off getting sugar because he couldn’t vouch for what the next price of the commodity would be. When the stock runs out, he would definitely be stuck. And now, you ask me what my expectation is from my leaders.

Hmm… The sweet words of the leaders of this nation especially during the period of elections got my ears glued to the cooking pot waiting for these words to boil.

It was more of a new journey to be embarked upon when the trumpets of change blew, we all expected so much. The change in the minds of some could be related as a simile “like snow falling in Nigeria”, some expected a worse economy. Many sat on the fence as critics and still do, blaming everyone for every misfortune that passes by.

Today, wherever we find ourselves; in the markets, hospitals, commercial buses or banks, we blame ourselves for expecting. “Hope deferreth maketh the heart sick…”, so it is not surprising how our hopes have sickened us.

The problem however has remained simple; we have lived in the dream of others, we had no idea if it was a day dream or not. We slept and then awoke to their reality. The more we complain, we eat up ourselves as hungry lions running after themselves. No matter what any man in Nigeria might say, we all wanted change, the mantra had been written in our hearts a long time ago. Someone just made it pronounced so we could see it.

Our expectations are endless, as human beings, we are insatiable. However, over my country, all we have hungered for is change- it begins with us. I wait no longer for the words to boil, I don’t know what degree of suffering would trigger it.

There is one thing I have learnt through it all: Expecting nothing from a man but believing in a God who has created the ever changing times and seasons. I’m willing to dream the dream of a God constructed future with me as a tool in his hands because when I wake up, it will still be real.

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