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There is a love that can’t be destroyed by hate

A hope that can’t be taken away

A trust that binds us all as one

A bridge that connects our value

There is courage that won’t be shaken by fear

Justice and truth that won’t be buried

Tears that will eventually lead to joy

And unity that has been right from time

There is a voice that goes around the earth

A joy that won’t be turned to sorrow

Success that can’t be overshadowed by failures

Greatness not worked for but born of

There is a power, the Nigerian spirit

Soaring higher like the Eagles

With strength of a horse

Peace as a dove

Green depicting our great vegetation

And grace that rewards our sufferings.


Dedicated to the Nigerian people who died as a result of human wickedness and circumstances that can be averted and also to the living Nigerians who strive to make our nation a better place.  The Nigerian spirit will never die and our unity, peace, and progress will lead us to a greater place. NIGERIA!!! GOOD PEOPLE, GREAT NATION.

By: Umubi Ufuoma Eddy

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