the pain of investing



Investment is a long term sacrifice and it can in no way be substituted for savings though savings can bring you to investment. It doesn’t matter your age or current financial status, there’s a place for investment in your life. There’s a struggle in investment, the pain of patience, insult and discouragement; without leaving the fact of oppression.

Explaining this pain cannot be complete without the simple illustration of the man who buys a good land and decides to build a house. He has a temporary roof above his head; he is paying rent. He has to save and augment this rent and in most cases he mustn’t tell his landlord he’s moving out soon or he may risk an increase in the rent or pressure to leave his shelter- so you learn that as you move higher to invest, you acquire the art of having few words. Honestly, growth hurts some people around you.

The man is not done, acquiring the land is just a first step, he employs a personnel to watch over the building, he employs an architect and masons and he gets his materials set. Investment is a process, a long and quite tasking one, your best is sometimes not enough but even your best can be called a better best.

Few months into building, the materials which was stipulated as more than enough becomes less than half the required amount because some employees have been stealing. He doesn’t give up because there’s fire under the aircondition in his rented apartment. He needs a house of his own, so he can’t give up. Investment attracts all kinds of people, friends who want to work with you, those who want to steal your dreams and build theirs and those who in fact come to steal the confidence and hope you have in building your own dream- don’t give up.

Our illustration isn’t complete if we do not consider the seasons, the rainy season which they cannot continue, the storms biting here and there. Investment doesn’t cover you from unexpected circumstances while it’s in its process. It remains a baby that cannot feed itself so when the storm comes you can only get an umbrella for it. The storms could be losing a source of livelihood, it could be the rebuke of being a disgrace because you have nothing to put forward- yet don’t give up, it’s one of the pains; you’d be under your own roof some day.

After facing all the stages, you enjoy the gains of quietly walking through the pains. There are lots of investments to make else you’d keep being oppressed and you may lose opportunities because you don’t have what it takes to carry them (a roof called yours). Without an investment, someone will always be a landlord over you.

Though the pains, stick to investing!

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