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The Pilgrimage

There is always this picture embedded in our subconscious about where we want to be: “the land that flows with milk and honey, the green pasture”. However, we fail to realize that en-route to the green pasture and the Land that flows with milk and honey lies the valley of the shadow of death. On this pilgrimage, our fears rise and we question our convictions. We ask questions like, “is it really worth it?” And then we answer: If it’s going to be, it’s never going to be difficult.

But, did you truly believe it was going to be easy? Who promised that easy life? Really? Would it be worth enjoying if it is not worth fighting for? A wise man once asserted; if it’s not worth dying for, then it’s not worth living for. Personally I’m not an advocate for the easy life, still I strive to make life easy for myself, as well as others. So what’s the point I’m trying to make? Doubt your doubts; question your fears; yes! The valley of the shadow of death is scary but on this pilgrimage to the land that flows with milk and honey, it’s the only path. It’s never going to be easy, but it’s really worth it.

Face it! Accept it! And don’t think it’s going to be easier tomorrow. It’s time now! Begin.
To be continued Next week.

Ajewole Femi

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