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It is awfully hard to maintain a healthy diet when broke, as one is basically surrounded by cheap junks.

Taking a deliberate walk down to work one morning, intending to shed some fat that might be lurking somewhere in my body while fingering the little change I had left till month end, I  ruminated on what good food to eat with just two hundred naira note.

Cooking was out of the question.

To my misery and frustration,  all options before me were:

– Two hundred naira plate of rice with meat as tiny as my nose.

(hardly satisfying and nutritional!)

– One fifty naira (#50) bread (zero nutritional value with excessive cholesterol)  and fifty naira (#50) beans (which would take me just a second to gulp down)

– One hundred naira (#100) yellow Ghana puffpuff and a pet coke (quite promising in terms of satisfaction but even I knew I was going beyond my bounds at this juncture, for someone intending to keep fit. But then, hunger calls for drastic measures)


– Fruit

( this was hardly an option as I regretfully realized.

Nutritious as it may be, satisfaction is not guaranteed, not with the amount intended for purchase)

I got to work, feeling desperate, famished and unsmiling.

Fortunately however, a good Samaritan colleague of mine bought me a plate of quality meal. (what a relief!)

I devoured it gratefully and I felt fulfilled, then I had a reason to smile.

I still wonder though, how one could ever maintain a good diet when broke.


written by:
Akinruntan Oluwatomisin

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