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We find ourselves held back at so many points in life because we are scared to lose sight of the shores we walk on and test deeper waters. The shores representing the warmth of our present status or its sharpness yet we adore it more than anything else because of its safety. No prying wave can work itself to the shores where more than half the world stands. We observe the difference in the temperature of our bodies immediately we swing ourselves into a pool or the sea or even the shower, some kids even start crying−this is where our topic interjects; between the shore and the water before our lives.

Between them lies both success and failure, we’d ask, “What if I don’t make the right decisions while making this investment? What if I’m just not ready and this is the wrong time?” The questions are not rhetoric as I’d be glad to answer, “Yes, you’ll fail”. Failure perhaps isn’t all bad. Thousands of people wake up  with dreams everyday but the fear of a dozen questions they refuse to answer keeps those dreams forever dreams and never reality.

Failure is actually a strong factor in human lives; people are however afraid of it, we all don’t want to be called failures. Failure is strong because we have made it so; because we fear it. Most times the reason we don’t plunge in and take hold of our dreams isn’t because we are going to fail but it simply is because we are afraid that we would fail. This is why many prefer to continue living by how life’s waves toss them around, dear reader do not be one of them.

One pinch of success kills faster than a mold of failure; this is obvious because when we succeed, we must keep up the pace because you cannot really hide success. No one wants to know your failure story but a success story is most welcomed. More is expected of you the moment you succeed and you live with the fact that your head must always be above water but a man who fails has a big room for trying, more so, when all and sundry have given upon him. Failure itself keeps you for the right time. The real failure has never been the man who tries but the man who stopped trying.

Failure is also a key to attaining more experience in whatever we do.  If the cave man, as scientists suggests that the early men were cave men, didn’t perhaps get hurt by his first strike of stones to make a fire, if everything he tried seemed to work out perfectly, we wouldn’t perhaps gain much lessons from life. I was once asked how life would be if there were no failures and just successes, no black and just white? It’s a question I’d love everyone reading this to ponder on.

Failure isn’t something that should be wished for either way but it should be accepted too as a stepping stone to success, a link to getting better. A man born into failure should never think life is going to get better if he doesn’t fight it. To be a success, you need to fight failure in the sea that leads to your dreams, if you never jump into that sea, you may never meet failure or success. It’s never about the what- if questions, it’s about the statements we make to ourselves before taking the leap, “I will try and I will keep trying till I succeed and there after I’ll still keep trying because even if I failed, I’d still keep trying”.

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