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It is about time I did realize that this life is a battlefield.
A battle filled with unending terror, agony and fear in which death may be the only way out.
The quest for survival seems to be a journey of no return where my adversaries lay wait for me with their traps.

In their traps,
I am caught at this stage of my life left alone on this lonely stage as I watch the intense debate between life and death seeking for who will win my soul.

Right now,
The chaos in this world I find myself is choking me so deep in the throat that I can barely breathe through my nose with a blindfold of fear on my eyes as I can no longer feel my heartbeat.

Drenched with worries of not having this or that, as well as this pandemic, had weighed me down beyond recognition.
In addition, addictions have kept me bound in chains of thorns that pierce deep in my skin, as I am shot with the bullets of depression.

Sinking deep in the ocean of despair
Praying for mercy as I hear the voice in my head singing:
“We have overcome,
We have overcome,
We have overcome today,
Oh deep in my heart,
I do believe,
We have overcome today”.

A spark of electricity in my mind stirred up with the song of hope ignites strength into my body that shattered every chain, healed every pain and with the atmosphere of his rain, he gave me a name that can never be changed by challenges and circumstances of this world.

I swam to the top with faith
Came out of distress light in weight,
In a clean state,
Getting my life straight even at age twenty-eight,
To be up to date,
Not minding the course of fate.

His assurance has made me a traffic light that blinks red to the bus of worries, blinks yellow to a new life and blinks green going forward.
He has broken the bridges that transported garbage in my soul and made me whole.
Even when I am old,
I will never forget the voice in my head.
Remember to Stay Simple and Live Smart.

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