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What is your purpose in life?
What has been your achievement in recent times?
Have you impacted someone’s life before? How and when?
How have you impacted someone’s life with the resources you have?
Do you have plans for your life?
Are you living your life according to God’s plan?
The words of your mouth and the thoughts of your heart, are they positive?
Does your attitude portray godliness and good morals?
Do you show gratitude when a favor has been done to you?
Are the friends you have helping you or leading you astray?
Are you working towards improving yourself and that of others?
Do you have goals?
Have you started working towards your goals?
What about those investment plans you have?
Are you going to watch those plans fail?
Are you a dreamer?
Are you working your dreams or you are just sleeping and dreaming?
Are you ready for the next level of your life?
Have you laid a solid foundation for yourself and others?
Can you be recommended by others for something good?
Who are you really?

Meditate, answer these questions truthfully, and take the right actions. Remember to stay simple and live smart.

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