There was once a middle aged man who was considering going back to school to get that degree he had always wanted. But he was balking at the idea because he was now over 50 and what good would it do him now.

He went to his dad for advice and his dad asked him how long it would take to get the degree. The man told his dad it would take 3 years of going to school full time. His dad then asked him how old he would be when he graduated after those 3 years. The man said 53. Then his dad asked him, “Son how old will you be then if you don’t get the degree?”

The point of the story is that TIME marches on. Regardless of any decisions we make in our lives — Time marches on!
Time waits for no man. Yesterday you were a child, today you are an adult, tomorrow you will become a senior citizen with grey hair. Time is never constant, it changes. No matter how hard you try to hide the effect of the moving times on your body, it will give
way some day. 15 years ago, you can run a dash without panting heavily but it’s not so today, something is happening to your body and it is called aging. That is why you need to wake up. Get to work and don’t let those opportunities pass you by.

Give your very best now that you have the strength. Serve the Lord with your youth. There is nothing as fulfilling as giving God your best when you are young. Don’t wait till when you are 50 before you realize the wasted years. Time is swift. When ever you celebrate the New Year it tells you ‘your clock’ is gradually ticking to a halt. It is believed that man spends a third of his life sleeping, it means if man lives an average of 70 years he would have spent about 23 years just sleeping. When you take this out of 70 you are left with an average of 47 years. It is assume that we spend another 12% of our lives in school i.e. if you calculate it based on 180 days per year. Would want you to make your own calculations. Unfortunately, the reminder of the years left has God – filled activities in the lowest rung of the ladder. Let me ask you some questions: How many hours do you spend just watching TV everyday? What about the time spent just idling away on the phone or surfing the internet aimless? How much time do you spend praying, studying the scriptures or getting involved with practices that will edify you? Think about this! Before you know it, you have spent a greater portion of your life practically doing nothing. Don’t wait until when you are old before you do things you could have done when you were much younger. Time is of essence. Get up and move on. God bless you big.

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