It doesn’t have wings
Yet it flies
It is not a doctor
Yet you need it to heal
It is not a war
Yet it can pull even the closest apart
It is not a formula
Yet you need it to solve a problem

It is time…
That which makes the days seem like seconds
It flies without wings
And then it seems
You can never beat it
Even on a race track

Your wounds and scars
Which may seem unbearable
Seek time
For it heals both the past
And presents the present with hope

Yet in hope friends depart
Some to eternity
Some to endless journeys
You may never say goodbye
It heals but gives us distance
A thing to worry about
What hope that in time
I’d see whom I love again

Yet in it I must wait on
To solve all problems
Even the master of the universe
Employs time
Wait on it

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