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I want to hold your hands and swing themwhile dancing along a busy road.
I want to write cheesy letters and slip them into your back pockets.
I want to kiss your cheek and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. In public, of course.

I want to vent about uncertainties and hear you pick funny incidents out of them.
I want to sit across to you and know that I can place my foot on your lap.

I want to watch a show we find funny and laugh about till the kids come.
I want to look into your eyes and find sparkling humor and burning attraction.
I want to touch your neck fondly while you prepare for important meetings.

I want to take dumb pictures with you and sing stupid songs that don’t exist.
I want to play with your hair and plan what we’ll pray about.
I want to make fun plans with you but end up doing ordinary things.

I want to take turns loving the hell out of each other.
I want to sleep and wake up pleasantly surprised to find you in my life.
I want to tease you, get serious, then tease you again, because I’m crazy like that.
I want to find you and fall so deeply and naturally in love,
…so much that I won’t realize how much I didn’t think about it.

Written by – Shola Ajayi

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