Our life is all connected and interwoven. Every of our actions and inactions affect other people, we are like a single chord plug that affects the whole string. The truth is that, we all have our individuality but no single sting is isolated so also we aren’t isolated no matter how had we try to do so. I wonder and ask; why do we keep fighting who we really are? Of a truth, we all are fighters, but our fight isn’t against each other; it’s for each other. We are all a great team, not just the conventional team, it’s the unconventional dependent team. We can’t survive without each other; just as the hands cannot survive without the brains, nor the brain alone survive without other parts and organs, we cannot truly live without one another. This is the true spirit of every community; this is the “definition of Greatness”. Our Greatness is in our togetherness; in our ability to TOUCH ONE ANOTHER.

Liberation wouldn’t come from without, Liberation can only come from within. Let us come together in the spirit of true community, seek that which connects us and not what separated us, and by so doing you would have found the Hero you’ve always looked for which is You.

I am Cfas and I am the Quester.

#Ajewole Femi S.

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