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UTI- Urinary Tract Infections

Hello reader. I am so happy to share this new edition of Health Insights With Adesola Brand #HIWAB with you. I hope we all enjoyed the previous session, if you haven’t read it, you are just a click away. We will be discussing Urinary Tract Infections commonly known as Toilet diseases or UTI.


Urinary Tract infections are infections in any part of the Urinary Tract which includes :- upper UTI’s (e.g kidney) and Lower UTI’s (e.g Urethra, Bladder, Prostrate). They are usually self diagnosable and resolve on their own except in some cases. They may be community caused or acquired in an hospital usually due to prolonged stay (nocosomial infections). UTI’s are more prevalent in women than in men (due to the short Urethra in females) and more in white children than in black children (due to genetic factors). It causes morbidity and it is also more prevalent in men with sexual abstinence. Prolonged Use of urinary catheter (a tube that drains urine from the Bladder) may also cause UTI’s in females.


Immunocompromised patients (e.g HIV patients, Diabetes, age related like Neonates and Elderly people) are also at risk of UTI’s (and other diseases). Diseases caused by UTI’s include: Cystitis – Inflammation of the Urinary bladder, Urethritis- Urethra inflammation, Prostatitis – Prostrate inflammation, Pyelenophritis or Nephritis – Kidney inflammation. The major causal agent of UTI is Escherichia coli, a very important and widely studied microorganism. Other Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi also cause UTI’s.
Symptoms of UTI includes :- Painful difficult urination (Dysuria), fever, cloudy or smelly urine and sometimes, Nausea (strong urge to vomit. Vomit may also contain blood). In some special cases as with older adults, Agitation, change in mental state or other psychological behavioural conditions may be symptoms of UTI. Generally, UTI may be self diagonosable or in the lab by specialised Lab scientists.


Gentamicin or Amoxicillin can be used for treatment of UTI’s (this depends on the microorganisms involved but basically, Gentamicin works for majority). UTI’s in older adults may be caused by menopause in older women leading to deficiency (post menoposal deficiency) or inflammation of the Prostrate gland in men (prostatic hypertrophy) and the symptoms may include :- frequent urination and inability to control the bladder.

UTI’s can be prevented by adopting good hygiene techniques, front to back cleaning. UTI patients should be encouraged to use the bathroom regularly keeping
in mind that basic showers are preferable to regular bath, front-to-back washing should be adopted. Patients should also be well hydrated. It is also said that Cranberry juice may be effective. It is important to always pay attention to your health and ensure you see a medical professional when you notice important changes in your body before it gets complicated. Remember, you get an infection before you get the disease (infection causes diseases) and infections are easier and cheaper to fight off than the disease caused.

I hope this edition of Health Insights has enlightened us about the basics of UTI’s. So, tell somebody to read our blog and subscribe to newsletters to get updates from us and keep enjoying Health Insights.. And please don’t forget to comment or ask questions in the comment section below.

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