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Valentine’s day has captured a lot of meanings, many go with the notion that it’s all about love. Most adults abolish it by certain experiences because love is now lust. Well as they say, “when we read, we begin to either judge or criticize our thoughts” -everyone is privately opined, today is one good day to express a thought.

Valentine is majorly expressed with two colors: red and white. Maybe it is so or we were just born and decided to follow the trend we met. In these thoughts of mine- red for love and white for purity, red for blood and white for peace.

Deciding to celebrate a loved one is a planned limited experience,knowing what or who we are celebrating is important. Valentine’s day is a day for remembering a Saint who lost his life not to a woman but as a son of God. He died as a Martyr, beheaded because he wouldn’t deny Christ. So many people bearing the same name died on the very day but they had different reasons and today Saint Valentine is celebrated because he refused to denounce his faith in Christ. He held on to the love of Christ which he portrayed even to his executors by reavealing Jesus to them. He had love and a pure heart. Maybe we just love celebrating because most of what is done today has no relationship with Saint Valentine. He is a widely celebrated martyr just like Stephen who faced death by stoning. What does your red and white stand for?

Many relationships wait for Valentine’s day to be consummated- where they come together in one mind and body and create a bond through sex though nervous, they are at peace with their plans. Most people cannot speak of what they know and have experienced through Valentine’s day, they’d rather hide the truth and shout so much on youths who have a twisted knowledge.

Knowledge, plain or twisted, the day doesn’t turn red aside the red and white clothes and stalls, it isn’t even a public holiday in most countries but it is celebrated in garments, red and white, the idea we have towards it is important. No one should fear giving a thought on this especially people who have an experience. The concept of the day is mostly far from the truth in my opinion.

An expression of love isn’t particular about today. Today is a remembrance of someone who stood for love, it is a question of our true expression of love. Love is God, we need to think about His Love in all of our actions today and beyond. We must remember not to deny love and learn to forsake lust today and beyond.

Just my thoughts, this is regarding the Saint Valentine I know- the man who wrote his name on the sands of time even when the churches erased his name from their Calendar. You could pick another one but I celebrate the love of Christ in Him and my stand for Christ today.

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