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The word “value” means to appreciate, to recognize beauty in struggle, to know the cost even when it is free. Indeed women are gifts, they are costly gifts yet given freely.

In a society like ours, women are expected to lay low and perhaps never push for the heights and when she dares the unusual, eyes turn and even fellow women run out of the shadows reminding her that she’s a woman. However, till a woman stepped into the light she wasn’t called- WOMAN.

So in this little way of ours, this is to every woman who has dared to be called woman. This is to strong women who thVALUE HER - HIS RULE PUBLICATIONough strong have decided to control strength with recognition of authority.

Why? Women are expected to play so many roles and they are not expected to be strong. A major population expects a fragile being, an ever present help in need (wow) and an ever beating heart answering her child’s call, her husband’s headache and her father’s needs. Yet, we cannot speak of her points of help without seemingly notifying the strength in her.

It takes sleepless nights to help meet the needs, it takes days of working hard in spite of her emotional troubles, financial troubles and societal acclaims to still smile with her child and husband when they call. She willingly hides her laughter or pulls you into it when you are down on your knees crying. She wipes her tears just to make sure you smile. She is always there. That’s strength!

This is to tell you to value her. She’s strong yet she controls her strength in respect of every man’s needs, every child’s needs. She goes through a life changing process as she gets plucked from her father’s garden and she struggles to fit into the change. She grows fat and it seems impossible to shed the weight, she learns responsibility basically before any boy-child can. She is a driving force, with her beside man, who can dismantle man- she is WOMAN.

This is to tell you to value her today. Even when she screams her burning heart, there is still great love, she can withstand the trials with you whether on a soft bed or in a gutter. To every wife who has been a help meet, to every mother who willingly shares our tears and joys, to every sister who cannot watch a sister go down; to every woman out there, we say Happy Women’s day.

Value her, her impact starts the day she is born…

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