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Hello readers, I hope this new edition of HEALTH INSIGHTS WITH ADESOLA BRAND #HIWAB meets you well. Virginity is a very diverse topic and there is no medical definition for it because it is a social construct, not a medical condition. Virginity may mean more than just sex (penile-vaginal penetration), it is basically how your individual perspective or view of it. Virginity is an important concept to many people; your view on virginity may be as a result of upbringing, society or religious views. The lesbian, gay, Bisexuals or straight people who have had oral sex, masturbation or anal sex may be considered virgins if they have never had sex (penile penetration). Also, sex may mean mutual consent from the partners which mean that rape victims may be considered virgins. Culturally and traditionally, virginity is believed to be a state of a person who has never had sex, which means it can only be lost through vaginal penetration by the penis, consensual or non-consensual and the virgin woman is believed to have a hymen that breaks when penetration occurs.

Male virginity has always been of less importance because sexual prowess is seen as important to masculinity. In women, virginity is seen as a very important factor. It is regarded as a valuable commodity in some cultures; In Western culture premarital sex and loss of virginity by a woman may be considered shameful to the individual or brings shame and dishonor to her family. The virgin woman is expected to bleed (this shows that the hymen is intact) when they have sex as a sign that she is a virgin. The problem with this theory is the hymen. The hymen is a thin membrane that is just inside the vaginal opening. It can be a little bit complicated because not all women possess a hymen and in those who have it, it varies. It is easy to imagine the hymen as a wall or a structure that needs to be broken but the hymen itself also has an opening in it, to enable flow of menstrual blood and other secretions. The hymen can be lost by excessive exercise, horse riding, e.t.c and such women who have lost their hymen will not bleed when they have sex the first time. Some women may have sex and still won’t lose their hymen. Generally, the opening is in a crescent shape, but it varies from woman to woman. Some have very small openings, and some even have multiple openings in the hymen. Two percent of all women are born with a closed hymen, which is called “imperforate,” and that requires surgery to open them up so period blood can flow through.

Sexual activities are generally influenced by social rules that are culturally specific and vary widely. Different groups within societies promotes their views of sexual morality in various ways, including through sex education, religious teachings, seeking commitments or virginity pledges, and other means.

You are in control of your sexual activity so you have to make sure you play it safe. As virginity helps reduce risks of contacting a sexually transmitted infections and diseases, it also helps reduce spread of diseases. It can sometimes help keep partners together and make partners more faithful. Losing your virginity is not a big deal as making sure you and your partner are ready for sex and are prepared for some of the possible consequences of sex (pregnancy).

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