Plagiarism is the act of copying and replicating another person’s intellectual property and presenting it as yours without permission. Intellectual property includes, ideas, text i.e written work, lyrics, art and any other artistic invention. Plagiarism is simply literary theft. It is not a crime however but copyright violation and it is taken up by most publishing companies not necessarily the government.

Can we actually work without plagiarising in the world of creativity? Every writer is a thief, there’s the creative block in the world of writers in which every grain of sand was gotten from the news caster on TV, our aged grandparents, our parents, our friends, our children, the books we read etc. We build our knowledge from various activities happening around us and various activities we are engaged in. We can actually not plagiarise even with the knowledge swimming here and there. How? It starts with the attitude we use in receiving the information which builds our creative block.

A good writer trains him/herself to summarise, to explain, to describe and to narrate. To begin with, you don’t know everything, I don’t too, so you would always need to research and in your research decide not to be to lazy and go for “copy and paste”. Love what you do and live in the world of searching out your own words. As you research, search yourself.

When you can search through yourself, a sentence is enough to let loose 100 words or more, that way you don’t garbage in and garbage out. You garbage in data and concretely give out systematically arranged information. Take whatever you research as data and please PROCESS it! Your brain shouldn’t be compared to the Central Processing Unit, it is better but it should work as a CPU to the data/information you receive.

Plagiarism hurts when without your permission, another person claims your thoughts to be his, your words to be his and your designs to be his. And all the credit is given to someone else. Taking pride and wishing to receive all the honor all the time isn’t commendable but give honor to whom honor is due; plagiarism takes honor away from an author, it gives tears in place of joy over nights of labour and pain in thinking out words.

Your attitude to conversations especially with someone you love is a testifier that you can write and express yourself in your own words even though you have read a lot from others. Don’t be scared to speak to your paper as a writer, converse with your paper, imagine your paper responding as a reader and you will be surprised how far you’d go in your writing without copying and pasting someone else’s work without due permission.

Appreciate writers like yourself. Just in case his/her words cannot be summarised and you cannot reach him or her for permission, always give an appraisal; “according to so and so”. It’s a cue to how your own words will end up on someone else’s paper some day.

Dear writer and reader as you communicate either with pulp or the public, stretch out your thoughts and always remember who said what, honor that person, don’t claim what you didn’t do. As you stretch forth your thoughts, your listener would speak of your words someday.

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