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One particular page I fear reading in my favourite dailies is funeral arrangements/remembrance etc. The same face could be repeated a lot of times with different people sharing their condolences, some are simple, some extravagant depending on who he/she was and what he/she had done to cause an impact. Some people leave behind a wife/husband, siblings, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and some have none of these, written above is “gone too soon”, “a rare gem”, director of so and so, BSC. , MSc. Indeed, I fear those pages but the reality is unavoidable, “what would you leave behind?”

It is important to acknowledge the fact that in a matter of years you may never remember reading this but you would be speaking to someone dear to you, telling him/her your last words, this I write believing you get the chance to as many didn’t. And as we do not know the time or day we have to live to make an impact. We must live life in such a way that as our life comes to a close, we have a legacy left even though we have no physical monument built for us, we plant a lot in the hearts of people that they become our walking monuments.

Good or bad, it all ends when one is laid 6 ft. below the ground. The last chance to cause a change or an impact is gone, never to return again. You cannot rewrite history, you can only change what is left of your time here on earth.

Death is a debt we must all pay one day, there might not be a best time to die but there is a best place to die. That place is a place of impact and achievement. Don’t wait till you have to make last words, there’s almost never enough time for that.

While you still have the chance to walk, walk on the right tracks leaving behind your foot prints. While you still have the chance to touch, touch the hearts of men positively; they’ll never forget. While you still have the chance to talk, speak positively to raise the spirits of men and not pull them down.

When it is written on a man’s poster, “gone too soon”, he has left before accomplishing his goal, indeed his impact has not been felt to its full capacity if he has impacted anyone anyway. Leave behind good values and a great impact while you still have the opportunity.

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