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Good-day reader. I hope the previous edition of Health Insights was very educative and interesting. This session will be on Chancroid, a Sexually Transmitted Disease.

Chancroids are caused as a result of an infection from a certain species of bacteria Haemophilus ducreyi, which attacks tissues in the genitals producing an open and painful soft sore called Chancroid. It is a highly contagious disease occuring in men and women. They are usually diagnosed in the lab and can be treated with ease by the help of a medical professional. Sexually active individuals are at higher risk of contracting chancroid. It is more prevalent in under-developed and developing countries than in developed countries. It is more prevalent in men than in women.

Chancroid symptoms begin to show within 7days of the infection progression. Common symptoms in male are usually a small, painful, red bump around the genitals which develops into a sore within 2 days. Major symptoms in women are: the development of red bumps around the labia {skin covering the vagina}, anus or thighs which opens up after, causing Painful urination (Dysuria) or burning during bowel movement and sometimes, painful sexual intercourse. The chancroid may vary in size but are usually soft with defined sharp edges which may bleed easily when touched.

Chancroid has been implicated with prostitution and drug abuse. Therefore; it can be prevented by the use of condoms, limiting number of partners, safe sex practices, sticking to known partner and sexual abstinence. Awareness and Immediate treatment is also necessary to reduce and avoid spread of the disease. Chancroids are very similar with Syphilis Chancre but unlike Syphilis Chancre which is hard, painless and resolves on its own with or without treatments, Chancroids are small, soft, usually grey-yellow in color and painful. Treatment is usually with antibiotics such as Azithromycin, Ceftriaxone, Erythromycin or a surgery as directed by your physician. Immuno-compromised patients (especially HIV patients) may respond very slowly to treatments.

Chancroids may cause permanent scarring on the male genitals or serious complications in females if left untreated. People diagnosed with chancroid are at high risk of contracting other STD’s especially Syphilis or HIV. It is important to always pay attention to your health and ensure you see a medical professional when you notice important changes in your body before it gets complicated.

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