While I thought of this topic what crossed my mind was the instances where I ask “who is at the door?” and then get the reply “I am the one” or in pidgin English  “Na me o”.  My reply and any reasonable reply would be, “who are you?” Or “who you be?”. I don’t recognise your voice neither can I see you from a thick steel door so “I am the one” tells us nothing. The question, “who are you?” Contains in itself your true identity. Who are you?

It is not a question to make you feel inferior, so don’t even avoid it, it is an opportunity each time you hear it. In all humility you may be asked this question in the next event you attend even when you are the celebrant’s sister or brother. It’s just unfortunate that some individuals like throwing out the question to destabilise others especially when they feel they cannot cope with the aura their victim is speaking with then they ask, “in fact, who are you?”

It’s a bang question, it strikes cymbals in our ears, “did she just say that, did he, what does he mean?” Don’t even bother processing the thoughts rather reply in all humility who you are. You are a farmer; there are farmers with a difference, say it, so also, bankers, doctors, engineers, chefs or writers, the question is an opportunity to submit your cv at no cost at all. It is an opportunity to unveil your skill/ability, what matters is how you say it.

The question is rich and the more you process it, you leave people thinking if you even know who you are. How can you answer correctly if you are not self aware? You should know your abilities and have a record of your achievements. Really you should never ask some certain people that question else you have self confidence. Their identity and answer to that same question can make some individuals derive inferiority complex  (Those who don’t know themselves). Know what you can do; know yourself and you can answer correctly.

For an added fact, before anyone can appreciate you, you have to learn how to appreciate yourself first; the fact that you feel like someone is trying to downgrade you with that question means you find something off with yourself.  Some children should never ask their parents else they’ll receive a slap or the question, “what do you mean by that?” (Harshly). These people try to be defensive and figuratively carry weapons to attack a harmless question.

Try starting with your name, “I am Mr. So So…, an Engineer working for so so… company as their so so… or I am Ms. So so…, a fashion designer, I make my own designs and have a passion for making people look good etc. You can even go further to show people your work depending on the person who put forth the question and place where it is asked.

Don’t run away from the question, speak confidently because you carry an identity which no one can carry like you. You have a mission which no one can run for you, let me start with you, in pidgin- Who you be?

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