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Unlike the general term to push, you cannot push a house made of bricks no matter how hard you try. You are human. Don’t get me wrong, we should push for the best, push hard to achieve those dreams that seem difficult but even so there are some desires that we shouldn’t really push for. It’s just our ego telling us to go on so we don’t look like failures.

We push for marriages that end up killing us and there’s no us to tell the tale just one or many to pay the deeds of the crime. The partner that pushed the spouse off a three-storey building and the children who by no means bear a fault for being born. Society says stay and push. When she is being battered day and night. “It’s her fault for not communing with her maker, so let her stay and push”.

So where does salvation come in? Saving of the soul, how about the mind? Is it so wrong to walk away from a contest to push a house?

He is being insulted day and night, starving, frustrated, disheartened, lost his job and now he’s got a high blood pressure because of a spouse that once said “I love you”. He knows one more week and he’d be 6ft. under but he must push. We are not to walk away defeated.

We end up trying to save a lot of things and losing ourselves amidst it all. We push just to have a job even if it’s not good- we just don’t want to be jobless. We push just to have a wedding even if it doesn’t guarantee a good marriage- we don’t want to be single. We let go of all the good in store for us. Why push a house when the same energy could be used in helping someone push a car out of a ditch and less in helping the blind cross the road.

Our realities are so real yet we cannot accept it. Shortcuts(roads) have never been good roads but it doesn’t mean when the main road is blocked, motorists aren’t forced to take alternative routes. Don’t be scared to be free, don’t be scared to love yourself else how can you love others, don’t be scared to try a new path as long as it is the right path.

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