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Why You Shouldn’t Read Some Contents

Reading is essential to get knowledge and information. It is important you read and practise daily to get the most out of your profession and passion. However, it becomes a problem getting tied in wrong information. Hence, why you shouldn’t read some contents.

It takes maturity as well as some level of knowledge to identify wrong contents out there and it would be advisable to get the knowledge you need to discern what you should and shouldn’t read. I’ll drop a few pointers here:

1. The contents to avoid do not match with the basic principles you live by: Some contents can deliberately invite and persuade you to change your belief system, it is best to avoid them.

2. Know why you believe what you believe: if you don’t know why you have the beliefs you have it’s not hard to be tossed about. Firmly understand your beliefs so you won’t be tossed about.

3. Know when to go back to build your facts of why you believe what you believe: there is no law against pausing to continue reading the contents you see. Take time to go back to your facts when your belief system is challenged.

We often feel contents are words, what harm can they do? The truth is even editors do not read everything you drop on the table. Words cast images in your mind. If you cannot handle the images then don’t read. Recently, editors/writers forewarn the reader on what’s coming next.

Words can affect your health, this is funny but true. It’s like a drug, the wrong one can compound your problem. When it gets into your mind, it filters into your body. As words heal, words kill.

So why you shouldn’t read some contents:

1. It could twist your belief system: Overtime, people change their beliefs when they come out of a written or oral session, if your beliefs are losing ground, it’s best you move on to something else.

2. Negative energy: With the advent of cyberbullying it’s easy to lose your self-esteem by reading hate speeches from cyber bullies. They can even go on to write a blog about you. You are not scared but please protect your head (mind) from their arrows.

3. Cyber bullies could also poison your mind against people with hate speeches. This is quite a difficult place, sometimes the victimisation of someone you love might reveal the truth about the person however, be careful when there’s a message shift from information to the writer. Some contents can poison your heart against someone or something, learn to discern what’s true from what’s just a personal outrage.

4. Finally, you shouldn’t read some contents because they are too good to be true. For years, schemes- money, health and investment schemes have been raging wild on the internet with reasons; contents why you should buy into them. Writers can influence you, when you begin to lose ground, it’s good to fall back to advice from people more knowledgeable or just drop it because you know the facts.

Contents speak the mind of the author, sometimes a good knowledge of the author can tell you what to expect. If you are unsure check the steps for a good litmus test on a write up above.

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