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Rise to Arise – A poem by Zr Writes

We moan,
Things fall apart,
We increase our tone,
As things keep falling apart.
The dead lay unrest,
Watch us from beyond as their cause beats unjust,
The living says unless,
Our voices are heard, we live at our blood’s cost.
Brutality becomes the new face of normality,
Our adversities become nothing to the face of Authorities,
Our world becomes that of survival,
On the streets, in our homes with religious revivals.
Woe to the Authorities!
Those we trade our thumbs for in times of need,
Those who swore to shield us from enemies,
Those in black, who to innocent, cheat!
Our cries fall to deaf ears,
An attentive one, the last cry.
Through all these, the brave have gone down the years,
Through all these, the weak on their creaky beds, die.
Things may fall apart,
But our faith remains together.
Our future may tend to shatter,
We are fearless and bound more together.
The supernatural may not listen to commoners,
Yet he’ll listen to us for some of us are his.
The Almighty listens to commoners,
And he’ll listen to us for we are all his.
Now, the present and coming generations must rise,
Rise to end Brutality and Adversities
Caused by the pride of the Authorities.
Now we rise to fight, Rise to Arise!

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