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The Girl Child – A poem by Zr Writes

She says to herself “I’m strong”,
Despite everyone seeing her weaknesses as wrong,
They forgot she’s as human as the other gender,
They saw her, to be a prudent pretender.

In public, she’s cut out,
Sometimes left out cos she’s vulnerable,
“You end up tied to your husband”, they cry out,
All these and more, she sees not palatable.

She’s not allowed to exercise her rights,
She raises her hands and all eyes look nigh,
They Intimidate her, not minding even if
She’s there to keep their hopes not dashing off the cliff.

She tends to be a victim of rapists,
Violence and even forced marriages;
She’s taken advantage of by opportunists,
Those who are thoroughly wrong right from ages.

They fail to see how talented she is,
Instead, take advantage of how she is,
They rob her present and render her no future,
All these are done in the name of culture.

Yet in all these, she stands up different,
Grows up to become a woman of no pretense.
She shows off giving up steam to their intense,
And makes this, her difference.

Every girl child deserves her freedom,
Every inch of freedom to exercise her rights,
The kind of rights that make them lead on,
Lead on without discrimination insight.


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