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My odyssey – A poem by Zr Writes

Like a butterfly, dazzling in bright orange light,
My journey started right there in my supernatural ordained flight.
They say and I heard angels dress in white,
If I was gone, then in orange I wondered why?

My eyes shut tightly like borders of the ocean,
I felt no life yet full of life,
a spirit took me into the realms with my voice shun,
realms of peace and not of strife.

I was brought to a land of the dead but living,
no sun to shine, bringing about an inevitable evening.
Waves of airflow before their forms,
and their appearance purer than where I came from.

Tick tock I heard the ticking of time,
I looked around and prayed I was found of no crime.
He saw my heart, as he held my hands tightly still,
stiffness in consciousness was all my heart could feel.

I was taken to the seat of human consciousness,
circled by flames of fire, glowing with indescribable intensity.
The fire was fuelled by a source from highness,
I got distracted, asking quietly if I was in a city.

I reached to see the appearance of the hands that guided me,
His veil is shiny as that of an emerald crystal.
In a flash, I felt his hands leave me,
and knew I am bound soonest by something fatal.

I opened my eyes and saw my tears
cutting the edge of the scripted paper before me
I knew then I had a limitation of fear,
cutting short my odyssey.

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