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“Life is a television set”, not life, your life. People see you the way you act it, they develop a common view of who you are by how you act your role. By your daily role, they say: you are kind, always moody, grumpy, jovial, characterless, timid, understanding, tough, difficult- you know the rest.

But behind the role, you know yourself, you know why you act the way you do and not everyone would buy into your account of why you do them. Behind the role is the headache you feel and the dizziness that pulls you to take a break but for peace you just can’t, so you act responsible and still face it. In other words, you keep acting despite the pains behind the scenes.

This tv is just the view of everyone out there so when you are out of sight you can view yourself. Now, this is the hard part; you view your guilt, your pains, your achievements and your sacrifices. No one would understand better than you do.

Have you ever felt like someone would just breakthrough the walls you build and find out what’s behind the scenes? Sure you have but sorry it won’t work, even when you speak up they don’t know till they see you act it.

Must we always prove our true nature to get an accurate judgment, I don’t know

_just wriggling my pen_

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