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An igbo proverb says,”Ewu nwuru n’oba  ji abughi agu gburu ya, A goat that dies in a barn was never killed by hunger” Who is the goat and where is the barn?

We have to wander these trails together, the trails that leave us with questions to answer. A time came for gold in South Africa, a time for diamonds in Central Africa, on my path we know of the oil rush, iron ore on this land, Nigeria. We need Nigeria to answer the questions of our death but how can when we do not know who holds the answers. We have a full barn yet we die.

The youths crave hope, hope is indeed a beggar so we beg for a glimpse of what to come, we beg for a taste of a good future and we feel it has been stolen by corrupt officials. Those who were here and have gone know they waited in vain for change to happen by just waiting for rain to water our lands without making ridges. A sight to ponder on is how everyday as early as 6:30am many youths gather together at the dailies stands to look for who to blame, looking for who is the biggest thief but we are also robbers if we stand like that.

The government will do their honest or dishonest part but know this: not all schemes will work for us, not all scholarships will we win; many got it but not all have brought in success stories. Here is the scheme that will work: it starts with us, the one we organize from our thoughts to ideas. What a waste of time when you sit to decide who to blame when the barn of yams sits inside your belly.

When the Nigerian youth accesses the pay before the job, it is not his passion; soon he’ll begin his complaints except of course his passion is money. Let us die knowing that we heard the truth, knowing that there was a chance to learn while waiting for our dreams to grow into reality but we died because we complained and forfeited the dreams. We looked back at the gold mine in us and we said, “I don’t think it is possible again”. The Nigerian father wanted you to come and take over his home, so you jumped into anything that came your way, the pressure can be sometimes unbearable but the strength of a youth can overcome with God to look at. The Nigerian mother wailed, “Please do something with your life”, at a point she said, “… anything at all”. The daughters found the world so hard for even men talk less of themselves, they succumbed and said let us find ourselves husbands who will help us; they forgot they were help-meets too. The men were not ready; they made promises and ran away.

Nigerian youths who have grasped their dreams, those who are willing to and those who have turned their backs, there is more to us, there is no one to blame for our mistakes, let us pick our tools and start digging, there is surely more in store, if some came and found reality in their dreams, we can. We are too great to blame anyone; we are too strong to be shaken by pressure except we decide to succumb to it. The earth has been mined and found fruitful, let us dig too.

We are in charge of our deaths when we do nothing, yes, death may come in many ways but let us not have a hand in our own deaths.

The tune of Nigeria

Dance! Dance!! Dance!!!

It is a dirge, so why?

So, fold your arms

Cross your legs

for a dead Nigeria

No! Who is Nigeria?

You and I

Take life, you are Nigeria

When the tune changes

the dance changes

The instrument is in your hands

Change the tunes

so the little ones might dance.

Their time will come too

When it comes

will it still be a dirge

Dance! Dance!! Dance!!!


-His Rule Publication

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