Age is not a barrier, we help young writers from ages 8 upwards. We believe in running trees and waving rivers. If you have a good story, don’t bother about the audience, let’s set it up for you.

We have been inspired to start the Become an author campaign where with your ideas a guideline is given to help you write your first, second, third or even fourth book, it doesn’t matter.

We have writing coaches to help you out whenever you get stranded. It is a 3-6 months project so it means it calls for people who have incubated an idea long enough to get set to write them down.

This is a step by step procedure and we are willing to walk it with you. Editing is free, cover page design is free and publishing is also free. Terms and conditions do apply, please take your time to read through. 

Register and give us a call or chat us up on whatsapp. +234 813 662 1133 or +234 905 718 0149