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Till you are kicked on the same spot where you sustained an injury you may never know if you have completely healed. Time and time again our past comes to haunt us but if we haven’t gotten rid of the fear of being in a haunted past, you may be heading towards a haunted tomorrow.

One of the funniest facts I’ve once heard of is that when you hit your head badly at a particular time of the day or get bitten by an ant at a particular time of the day, you feel the pain at that same time the following day. It is perhaps a jolt in the brain saying be careful or you might get hurt once more, the ant might still be around or the wall might still be there waiting to attack. It’s the same with different experiences we get during our lifetime.

We may not take a note of those hurting moments, once the tears in our eyes dry up, we move on. However, somewhere after a few years, you are placed in such a situation and then you find yourself hearing the words you forgot or you thought had gotten deleted from your memory bank. At such point you realise that the wounds are still as fresh as yesterday, they only needed a jolt to resurface.

Now I wonder what would be the essence of this long summary without a hook or a factor to stop us from experiencing it, well here it is: You cannot prevent this from happening no matter what you do because some experiences act like daemons in a computer . You don’t see them, you don’t know so much of how they act but even while your computer is sleeping, they are alive carrying out their duties.

Some memories would surely come for you at one point or the other in life. They work at the background looking for when to strike. For instance, getting over the loss of a parent, in fact deciding not to cry when it happens and not shedding a single tear indeed, and then in 10 years, you get ready to walk down the aisle and you remember your father’s promise and the tears become uncontrollable. It is there even when you think it’s not.

Please cry when it hurts, release the laughter when you truly can, don’t let the jolt take you unawares else you wouldn’t trust walking towards the same spot you were bitten. Healing does take a while but do your best to be open to your emotions else when you least expect them and they come for you, you wouldn’t be able to fight back.


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